Dog Policy

As dog lovers ourselves, (We have a VERY spoilt Labrador) we understand how difficult it is to find dog friendly accommodation.

With this in mind, we would be happy to allow your dogs to stay, on the basis that they are well behaved, are friendly with other dogs (and with Humans!) and we would ask for you to take note of the following points:

Please check with us before you book, to confirm our availability of a dog friendly room.

We politely request that you please do not allow your Dog to sleep on or in the beds and that they sleep on the floor.
You are welcome to fetch their favourite bedding with you, or we are happy to provide you with a big fluffy blanket for them to sleep on.

Please do not allow your Dog to toilet in our gardens.

Sadly, dogs are not allowed in the Guest’s dining room (there isn’t enough room for all the legs and bodies and tails and other not so ‘dog friendly’ guests might not like it). We also ask that you keep your Dog on its lead while going to and from your room.

Whilst we are happy for dogs to remain in your room during breakfast, we would ask that you do not go out for the day and leave your Dog unattended in your bedroom

We hope that you enjoy lots of long walks with your Dog while you are here!
However, we would ask that you bring dog towels with you so that in the event of your Dog returning to Mill Croft wet or muddy, that they are clean and dry before going upstairs to your room – please DO NOT use your en suite to clean your Dog, (we do have an outside tap available for you to use if needed).

In the event of any soiling or damage to furnishings caused by your Dog, the cost of full replacement would be incurred.

Please check out our current prices.

These points are listed in order to assist with the smooth running of our bed and breakfast for guests with and without dogs and we thank you for your co-operation.